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Trusted Advisors

We are happy to introduce you to our TRUSTED ADVISORS!

ProSix is gathering a team of Trusted Advisors, experienced with using ProSix, to provide our customers with individual and personalized guidance. These equine professionals offer their expertise and experience as professional trainers, rehabilitation therapists, and certified bodyworkers, to provide plans and protocols to help you achieve your goals for your horse. Consultation and fee structures will be set by each Advisor. Advisors are not compensated for their services by ProSix/Eagle Link LLC.

We encourage you to contact our Trusted Advisors for specific questions related to your horse’s training, conditioning or rehabilitation programs.  

Martha M. Faraday, Ph.D., Equine Nutrition Consultant

Dr. Martha M. Faraday (Ph.D.) is a scientist and holistic equine nutritionist whose mission is to alleviate suffering and promote vibrant health in horses of all ages. Prior to her work with horses, Dr. Faraday spent two decades developing evidence-based medical treatment protocols for physicians to optimize care of human patients. After struggling to manage her own horses’ complex conditions – insulin resistance, founder, neurological issues, allergies — she turned her attention to a deeper understanding of how to use food and nutraceuticals to support the body to heal itself. “Food is the foundation” became her mantra. She brings her scientific training, intuition, and empathy to the issues of every horse in order to design effective, tailored protocols. She continues her training with tutorials from expert practitioners and formulators and extensive reading in the scientific literature.  Her practice includes horses in all stages of life and work, from horses in intensive competition to retired elders. 

In response to client requests to help with seriously ill cats and dogs, she has expanded her practice to include cancers, autoimmune conditions, injuries/arthritis, infections (e.g., Lyme), and kidney/liver failure in small animals.

Her equine specialties include:

  • Ulcers, colic, other gut issues (chronic diarrhea, fecal water syndrome)
    Recovery from EPM, Lyme, other infections
  • Recovery and rehabilitation from injuries, including stall rest protocols
  • Neurologic issues (post-EPM, from injuries, “kissing spine”)
  • Heaves, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Respiratory and skin allergies
  • Other immune dysfunction (e.g., cancers)
  • Chronic pain from arthritis, injuries
  • Foot health (poor hoof quality, abscesses, white line disease, chronic thrush)
  • Degenerative suspensory ligament desmitis (DSLD)
  • Insulin resistance, pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (Cushing’s), laminitis, founder
  • Polysaccharide storage myopathies (PSSM1 and PSSM2)
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Anxiety, lack of confidence, unpredictable or explosive behavior
  • Wellness and performance
  • Health pregnancy
  • Healthy aging

Contact Martha M. Faraday:

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Becky Pearson, PT of Pivot Point Equine & Rider Rehab

A little bit about Becky and Pivot Point Equine & Rider Rehab…

Becky grew up on a horse, with her early days competing in 4-H in all events, as well as starting her own colts. As she finished her Masters degree in Physical Therapy and her college years drew to a close, she found herself in the ranch country of the Sandhills of Nebraska.

It is here where she started barrel racing. Becky is a WPRA card holder and has competed in barrel racing at both the professional and local levels. Their two daughters, Emma and Gracie, also compete at the high school rodeos, in barrel racing, pole bending, and cutting.
Becky and her family understand the need to stay in the saddle, and the importance of being fit to compete at your best. It is as big of a part of their lives as it is yours.

Pivot Point Equine and Rider Rehab was born through Becky’s passion to help the horse and rider perform at their very best, by sharing her years of experience using physical therapy techniques for people and horses.
At her Solid To The Core Clinics Becky will take you step by step through the process she uses daily to treat two and four legged patients with back pain, poor conditioning, and poor posture to achieve optimal health and wellness.

Contact Becky Pearson:
Amy Skinner walking with her horse.

Amy Skinner Horsemanship

“Creating happy, balanced horses with a peaceful and biomechanically sound approach.”


My background is in classical dressage and my passion is helping horses be well emotionally and physically.  I take horses of all backgrounds, breeds and disciplines and use classical work and sound horsemanship to rehabilitate them with a conditioning program that takes horses through novel postures and improved range of motion.

ProSix is one very effective tool in my toolbox to help them learn a new feeling in their body and explore different movement patterns without force.

Contact Amy Skinner:;; Meta @ Amy Skinner Horsemanship

 Go to to view courses and her books.
Kendra Clarke standing next to her horse wearing the pro six equine.

Kendra Clarke / K. Clarke Equine

Trainer@Kendra Clarke Equine, horse & rider biomechanics specialist enhancing functional soundness.

“Proud to say I am 1 of 2 in the USA and 1 of 18 internationally to have earned the 4⭐️ certification with Franklin Method Equestrian!! It’s been a great journey of learning and all of my clients get the credit for inspiring me to do this, thank you for always wanting to learn more about biomechanics!”

Kendra has built her training business around her passion for horse and rider biomechanics. Kendra’s decision to pursue a career in training came from her first Centered Riding lessons as a child, which led her to obtaining an education from Delaware Valley University (earning her BS in Equine Training and her then Masters in Business Administration). During her time at De IVal, Kendra participated in the Study Abroad program and attended Hartpury College in Gloucester, England where she got her first taste of equine biomechanics through her advanced biomechanics class. While in England, she worked for Louise Davison, an FEI dressage trainer, who provided Kendra the opportunity to ride with Conrad Schumacher. Louise also exposed Kendra to other top trainers in England including Carl Hester and Sandy Phillips.

Kendra started her own business in 2015, training local horses and riders. She began to notice a need for said horses and riders to focus on biomechanics to maintain soundness for them both. This has led to Kendra pursuing certifications through Centered Riding and Franklin Method Equestrian, as well as working with a team of local accredited farriers and veterinarians from Mid Atlantic Equine Medical Center to rehab several horses with various injuries (primarily kissing spine). Once a diagnosis has been given and a plan has been made, Kendra guides the horse through the program while engaging and educating the owners each step of the way.

Kendra has found that when ProSix is used regularly throughout the stages of rehabilitation (unmounted and mounted), the horses maintain and gain muscle. It is also key to supporting lower limb injuries, increasing abdominal and topline muscling for treating/managing kissing spine, and increasing overall proprioception.

The ProSix also allows owners to be more involved with the process. It is easy to put on and remove and helps the owner to understand the concept of proprioception. The owners can see the changes right before their eyes early on in the process.

One of Kendra’s favorite things about ProSix is that it’s not just for injured horses in a rehabilitation program. Kendra has found that ProSix supports horses through discovering and improving the fine details of their balance. The belly band helps those that are struggling to activate in their core, while the rear band helps the horse to activate their topline. The front chest band assists in harnessing the energy from the hind end and core, creating self carriage and improved control in the horse. It has shown huge changes in horses ranging from recently started youngsters to older school masters to lesson horses who take on the duty of being safe for the next generation of riders.

Because of the above, the ProSix has become the vital tool Kendra utilizes because of its countless benefits for all horses, regardless of age, training level, body shape, and capability.

Contact Kendra Clarke:;; Meta @ K.Clarke Equine LLC