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Amy Skinner Horsemanship

My background is in classical dressage and my passion is helping horses be well emotionally and physically.  I take horses of all backgrounds, breeds and disciplines and use classical work and sound horsemanship to rehabilitate them with a conditioning program that takes horses through novel postures and improved range of motion.

ProSix is one very effective tool in my toolbox to help them learn a new feeling in their body and explore different movement patterns without force.

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Kendra Clarke / K. Clarke Equine

Kendra has built her training business around her passion for horse and rider biomechanics. Kendra’s decision to pursue a career in training came from her first Centered Riding lessons as a child, which led her to obtaining an education from Delaware Valley University (earning her BS in Equine Training and her then Masters in Business Administration). During her time at De IVal, Kendra participated in the Study Abroad program and attended Hartpury College in Gloucester, England where she got her first taste of equine biomechanics through her advanced biomechanics class. While in England, she worked for Louise Davison, an FEI dressage trainer, who provided Kendra the opportunity to ride with Conrad Schumacher. Louise also exposed Kendra to other top trainers in England including Carl Hester and Sandy Phillips.

Kendra started her own business in 2015, training local horses and riders. She began to notice a need for said horses and riders to focus on biomechanics to maintain soundness for them both. This has led to Kendra pursuing certifications through Centered Riding and Franklin Method Equestrian, as well as working with a team of local accredited farriers and veterinarians from Mid Atlantic Equine Medical Center to rehab several horses with various injuries (primarily kissing spine). Once a diagnosis has been given and a plan has been made, Kendra guides the horse through the program while engaging and educating the owners each step of the way.

Kendra has found that when ProSix is used regularly throughout the stages of rehabilitation (unmounted and mounted), the horses maintain and gain muscle. It is also key to supporting lower limb injuries, increasing abdominal and topline muscling for treating/managing kissing spine, and increasing overall proprioception.

The ProSix also allows owners to be more involved with the process. It is easy to put on and remove and helps the owner to understand the concept of proprioception. The owners can see the changes right before their eyes early on in the process.

One of Kendra’s favorite things about ProSix is that it’s not just for injured horses in a rehabilitation program. Kendra has found that ProSix supports horses through discovering and improving the fine details of their balance. The belly band helps those that are struggling to activate in their core, while the rear band helps the horse to activate their topline. The front chest band assists in harnessing the energy from the hind end and core, creating self carriage and improved control in the horse. It has shown huge changes in horses ranging from recently started youngsters to older school masters to lesson horses who take on the duty of being safe for the next generation of riders.

Because of the above, the ProSix has become the vital tool Kendra utilizes because of its countless benefits for all horses, regardless of age, training level, body shape, and capability.

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