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Our Story | Why We Created ProSix

We are Jill McDermott and Lynda Reese, and we are the inventors of Eagle ProSix and Eagle ProSix K9. We created the ProSix first for our own horses, to fix their problems, to strengthen and balance them. The results were beyond anything we’d ever seen, so we tried it on friends’ horses, and more horses, and more issues. Again and again we were amazed by the horse’s reactions, the feedback from these horses and the progress and lasting results.

More people need to know about this, we have made this our responsibility and mission to get it out there. We had the vision first, we knew it would work, it did work, but we didn’t know exactly how. We started out talking about Temple Grandin and her studies and what posture and straightness would mean. Now we discuss cellular biology and neuro-physiology, and look for the causes of those lost neuro-muscular connections. We are always searching for researchers and studies.

The journey has been amazing and surprising. We love discussing how ProSix has changed horses and their people along the way. We always said ProSix was not about us as riders, owners, competitors, it us about our 4-legged companions and what they need to be connected.

ProSix Creators | Jill McDermott and Lynda Reese