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Our Story | Why We Created ProSix

We are Jill McDermott and Lynda Reese of Eagle Link, LLC, founded in 2013. We created our first ProSix prototypes in 2012, to help our horses with calming, balancing, and strengthening.

The reactions from horses when we “swaddle” them in the wide bands of gentle, knitted elastic are deep releases.  Our full body wrap encircles and supports the horse fore-to-hind horizontally and completely around their midsection vertically, to create a complete connection, body and mind. Blinking, chewing, and yawning, heads lower and bodies relax, we love observing the first time a horse wears it.

Wearing ProSix changes the way an animal moves. “Enhanced proprioceptive awareness” describes the way they lift and place each foot with awareness and purpose. Jill named our new wrap “ProSix” for proprioception, the sixth sense. 

We consider the visions that inspired those first drawings a gift. We knew intuitively that our wrap would help, but we didn’t fully understand all of its effects and benefits. We began by talking about Dr. Temple Grandin’s studies, and then the effects of posture and straightness. Soon we were deep in cellular biology, neuro-physiology, and regaining lost neuromuscular connections. We’ve never stopped studying. 

We patented our ProSix for horses and dogs in 2016. It is  the only whole body elastic resistance band wrap. ProSix products are, and always will be, made in the USA. We’ve now sold our wraps in every state, and 25 other countries and counting!

It is our mission, and our great blessing to be able to help people better support and care for their 4-legged companions and family members.

ProSix Creators | Jill McDermott and Lynda Reese

Linda and Jill with standing with a horse.