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How to Begin Using Your ProSix

ProSix is assembled to show you HOW it will look: it is not adjusted to fit your horse.

Our new tutorial video is on the QR code tag on your canvas tote bag. A fitting guide can also be found on this website. 

  1. Introduce your horse to the sound of the velcro opening and closing at areas of adjustment.
  2. Open the hip tensioners on both sides first, before pulling over the butt.
  3. Check both near and far sides of the horse, (L and R), for symmetrical fit.
  4. ProSix should be snug but never tight, and easily pulled away from the horse.  

Take photos of your horse wearing its ProSix and text them to our phones, or email to for fitting suggestions. Please include sides, front, and rear views.

ProSix is the ONLY rehabilitation/training resistance band system that connects the whole horse!

Give your horse time to process all this new information in the stall, at liberty, or in turnout. ProSix acts on mechanoreceptors located in hair, skin, and muscle, stimulating the neurological system throughout the body to provide a complete message to the brain, enhancing proprioceptive awareness and improving coordinated motor output throughout the whole horse. 

Begin slowly and progress slowly with exercise. 

ProSix provides a resistance band workout. It will take time to build strength to support a better posture, improved self-carriage, improved weight distribution and to abandon compensatory patterns. For optimal results, begin with time for your horse to process all the information. give this process a couple of days, minimum. Begin with groundwork at a walk, without a rider, and increase time/effort/speed in minutes per day, (even with a fit horse). Much can be accomplished at a walk, especially when strengthening the supportive muscles of the back! Please stop activity if you see signs of fatigue which may increase risk for strain. Have your horse wear ProSix at liberty, with recommended supervision for excellent results in 15-20 minutes per day. If lunging, please use large circle diameters only, to minimize torque on joints., as the horse practices a more upright self-carriage. We do not recommend use with any additional equipment that restricts or limits movement or forces position. 

Please follow advised activity restrictions from your horse’s health care professionals.

ProSix can be safely used during stall rest, with handwalking, at liberty or in turnout, on a lunge line, long lines, under or over saddles or bareback pads. Excellent for use before riding, or for warm-up. Reinforce neural pathways with use 1-2 times a week to encourage self-carriage in good posture and balance.

Please use ProSix for farrier and veterinary appointments, trailering, and new environments and challenges where added calming and support is beneficial to the horse.

“Liners” for hair rub protection are available for purchase in your choice of natural wool felt or medical grade synthetic fleece. Order on the purchase page or at info@ Liners fit under front or back bands and can be ordered as single or pairs for $20 each. Cold water wash, line dry. 

The pro six logo mark.

We are happy to introduce you to our TRUSTED ADVISORS!

ProSix is gathering a team of Trusted Advisors, experienced with using ProSix, to provide our customers with individual and personalized guidance. These equine professionals offer their expertise and experience as professional trainers, rehabilitation therapists, and certified bodyworkers, to provide plans and protocols to help you achieve your goals for your horse. Consultation and fee structures will be set by each Advisor. Advisors are not compensated for their services by ProSix/Eagle Link LLC.

We encourage you to contact our Trusted Advisors for specific questions related to your horse’s training, conditioning or rehabilitation programs.