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ProSix K9 is a body wrap used to rehabilitate after injuries, to aid seniors and proactively for dogs prone to certain genetic deficiencies. It is made of knitted and ventilated elastic that connects your dog front-to-back and side-to-side. ProSix K9 builds strength through isometric and concentric exercise produced by the dog’s movement with the gentle resistance of the elastic. ProSix K9 connects the dog, enhancing proprioception, sometimes referred to as the sixth sense; creating whole body awareness. ProSix K9 calms with steady, gentle pressure to relieve stress and anxiety. ProSix K9 encourages correct posture with strategically placed support; improving balance and rhythm.


ProSix K9 builds overall body strength through resistance training produced by the dog’s movement. The amount of resistance is controlled by the dog itself. Core strength is also targeted by ProSix K9 through the use of an abdominal strap that engages those muscles.


ProSix K9 was named for its impact and improvement on proprioception. ProSix K9 is outstanding for impacting sensory input as to what is going on between all four legs of the dog. ProSix K9 has an amazing effect on motor neuromuscular rehabilitation.


ProSix K9 balances the dog both physically and mentally. Physical balances comes from posture correction as the dog stands up straighter, taller, and bears weight equally on all four feet. Mental balance is from the calming effect of deep touch pressure applied by the ProSix K9 from all sides.


  • Build core strength, stronger abdominals, a supple back, and symmetrical muscle balance

  • Increase proprioception and confidence by reducing stumbling, falls

  • Improve posture and balance with more even weight distribution between all four limbs

  • Calms with deep touch pressure for anxiety relief

  • Improved rehabilitation from surgery, injury, illness, or disease

  • Supportive care for seniors to improve mobility, safety, and comfort

  • Non-restrictive and comfortable; can be worn while lying or sitting, during exercise, at play

  • Whole body support to decrease pain, increase stability to joints, and strengthen
    the muscles that support them

Fitting Your ProSix K9

Use the arrows below to toggle through each step.

Your ProSix K9 comes to you assembled. The chest strap has our logo sewn at the front. The rear of the ProSix K9 has two leg straps, please detach these straps. They will hang down centered under the tail when fitting. Now remove the shoulder strap and the hip strap and set them aside placing them so you are aware of where they will go when you add them back to the ProSix K9. The last remaining strap to be removed is the belly strap. You are now left with just the chest strap attached to the long body strap. This forms a loop that will be placed horizontally on the dog.

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ProSix K9 increases strength through isometric and concentric exercise produced by the dog’s movement with gentle resistance of the elastic. The ProSix K9 does not restrict movement; it allows for full range of motion. The elasticity adapts to variable speed of movement from standing to a full run. As the range of motion increases, progressive resistance is applied because as the amount of stretch increases, so does the tension. Muscle fiber is activated at all times, to increase muscle strength and size, and decrease body fat.

Elastic resistance is an alternative way to strengthen, tone and condition the muscles of the dog. The manner in which the elastic is wrapped around the dog’s body creates a preferred level of isometric and concentric pressure against the body resulting in low impact musculature contraction exercises. The key effort of the elastic resistance training is demonstrated increase in overall strength.

ProSix K9 also targets building core strength in your dog. The abdominal strap is positioned to encourage those muscles of the dog’s belly to lift. The same effect when one runs a thumb underneath the dog’s belly which results in the lift of the back, or the dual scratching on either side of the upper portion of the tail to see the hind quarters tuck and effectively round the back. The lift however is encouraged by the ProSix K9 at all times, including while in movement. A dog requires optimum core strength to perform most activities we ask of them.


Proprioception, often referred to as the sixth sense, is the sense of where your body is in space, even when you can’t see it. The ability to know what position a foot is in at this moment comes from feedback from sensory receptors. These receptors are located inside muscles, joints, tendons, and in stretch receptors located in the muscles and joint-supporting ligaments. The proprioceptors relay information to the central nervous system (CNS) such as kinesthetic sense, or knowledge of where the body is without having to look. Disruption of the receptors path to the CNS can be caused by localized injury of an area, injury to the spine or brain, infection, toxins, nutritional deficiency, illnesses affecting the CNS, including those caused by parasites such as EMP, and virus or bacterial infections.

Without information from the receptors, a dog may stumble, drag his “toes”, or fail to lift his feet adequately to avoid or step over an obstacle. However, proprioceptive skills can be learned, which can help reduce the risk of injury. Exercises can enhance proprioception and train the body to maintain stability, balance, and increase agility. During exercise, ProSix K9 improves the level of communication between the body and the brain which provides constant self-awareness of the dog’s own movement by direct contact over pressure points and muscle groups.

Enhanced or increased proprioception is something that one can easily recognize and Is evident immediately upon wearing the ProSix K9. ProSix K9 is the only product that addresses proprioceptive issues in dogs and the whole body connection.


Like humans, dogs develop asymmetrical posture and have a dominant side. Dogs are most commonly left sided, and generally prefer counter-clockwise movement. Rather than working on their weaker side, dogs feel more comfortable working on their stronger side which makes the deficiency more prevalent.  A dog may also develop a weakness due to accident, injury, or illness and will compensate by shifting weight from the injured area to the stronger side.

ProSix K9 is used to create a physically balanced, upright posture that helps the dog stand equally on all four feet. This is extremely important in stopping the escalation of a problem due to accident, injury, or illness by preventing unnatural compensation resulting in excess load being distributed to other extremities in addition to combating the natural imbalance. ProSix K9 promotes balance through the use of our strategically placed bands which encircle the body fore to hind, and gives lift to the lower abdominals that round and support the spine. Unlike any other training aid, ProSix K9 links the dog’s forehand to its haunches with the mid-body strap.  ProSix K9 utilizes wide bands of knitted elastic that support and stabilize without restricting movement. There are no rigid parts which makes ProSix K9 comfortable for dogs to wear.

ProSix K9 facilitates mental balance through calming, steady, gentle pressure that relieves stress and anxiety. Through deep touch pressure provided by ProSixK9, dogs remain passive and relaxed. This mental state facilitates learning and alleviates anxiety allowing the dog to focus and concentrate.