About ProSix

Our ProSix Equine is an effective and supportive therapeutic modality for your horse when healing from injury or illness. It provides support, comfort and calming, enhanced proprioceptive awareness, pain relief, and strengthening as he progresses through the rehabilitative process. Balance and straightening develop with use, and this discourages the horse’s development of and reliance on compensatory patterns.

We are often asked about how frequently to use a ProSix Equine and for how many minutes, how many weeks to continue, and how long to use for maintenance, strengthening and conditioning.

We can’t offer you set protocols that would be appropriate in every situation with every horse.

  1. Follow your professional healthcare provider’s recommendations for activity restrictions and precautions.
  2. Assess frequently for the presence of pain signs/symptoms (including behavior and attitude), fatigue, exercise tolerance and mood.

Any protocol recommendations during rehabilitation should read more as a flow chart, beginning very conservatively and progressing as is safe for the horse and preventing risk of further strain or injury. Even when starting with a sound horse, we advise beginning with groundwork, and at a walk. Progression of time, speed, or intensity of work (footing, poles, etc) is brought in slowly and again, monitored carefully. The goal is to strengthen and heal effectively without risking a setback due to strain or injury. ProSix is a full-body workout, can build muscle and posture and balance very effectively even at a walk!

Frequently Asked Questions

We suggest minutes a day to start, approximately 10-15 minutes IF the horse appears comfortable. Monitor closely for pain and/or fatigue, reluctance to move, changes in movement. A small turnout, in hand, on a lunge line, or in long lines…all are fine options. Begin by allowing the horse to move (or not) as he chooses. Proprioceptive awareness and information from the stimulation of receptors on skin and muscles create new sensations for the horse. We encourage taking video, and having a helper to guide the horse for you, so you are free to observe. ProSix encourages self-carriage and balance, and discourages offloading and compensation which can make lameness or signs of pain easier to observe. Watch for changes in movement and report any concerns to your veterinarian before continuing. If all is well, begin to increase time in small increments. Progress is very individual and we can’t responsibly give you advice in general terms. Move from groundwork to under saddle when the horse is cleared for riding. Begin the process again. You have added weight and your balance, so begin at a walk for the first time. Increase time, speed, and other factors slowly. ProSix is resistance band exercise that adds to the intensity of the workout; always reduce workout times and observe closely for fatigue or changes in movement and behavior that may indicate pain/discomfort.

We recommend using ProSix once a week or periodically to assist a horse with posture, straightness, balance and for conditioning. ProSix can be used in turnout, as a warm up before riding, or during your ride.

Size tags are sewn onto each ProSix as shown in the photos. We mark Small (S) and Large (L) canvas bags. Standards not marked.