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About ProSix

Our ProSix Equine is an effective and supportive therapeutic modality for your horse; for strengthening and conditioning, and when healing from injury or illness. ProSix was created to provide calming, comfort, and support. The wide elastic bands act as an external stimulus, surrounding the whole horse for enhanced proprioceptive awareness, pain relief, stress relief, and strengthening. Strengthening in proper posture discourages the horse’s development of, and reliance on, compensatory patterns. Balance, straightening, and improved self-carriage develop with use.

We are often asked about how frequently to use a ProSix Equine and for how many minutes, how many weeks to continue, and how long to use for maintenance, strengthening and conditioning.

Every horse is unique in their physical challenges. No protocol would be appropriate for every horse.

Follow your professional healthcare provider’s recommendations for activity restrictions and precautions.

  1. Assess frequently for the presence of pain signs/symptoms (including behavior and attitude), fatigue, exercise tolerance and mood.
  2. Any protocol recommendations during rehabilitation should read more as a flow chart, beginning very conservatively and progressing as is safe for the horse to prevent risk of strain or injury. Even when starting with a sound and balanced horse, we advise beginning with the important introduction period, and time to process the new “information”.  Adding more time, speed, or intensity of work (footing, poles, etc) should be done slowly and  monitored carefully. The goal is to strengthen and heal, without risking a setback due to strain or injury. ProSix is a full-body workout, can build muscle and posture and balance very effectively at a WALK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Start by putting your ProSix on the horse, in its stall. If your horse stays outside, move to a small paddock or pen. Allow the horse time to process all of the new “information”, without cues or distraction. Allow time for the horse to release tension. Begin the first day with 10-15 minutes. If the horse is quiet in the stall or pen, with no visible signs of increased discomfort, allow to wear for a couple of hours. If the horse has been unstable, ataxic, or has difficulty with balance, you may leave ProSix on longer as needed for stability and safety.

On day 3, progress from stall to a small turnout; at liberty, in hand, on a long lunge line (no smaller than a 65 ft. circle is recommended). Begin by allowing the horse to move, or stand as it chooses. Proprioceptive awareness, and information from the stimulation of receptors is being “reset”, or recoordinated by the brain. Compensations are hard to maintain. The horse may look more uncoordinated at this time. Monitor closely for pain and/or fatigue, reluctance to move, new changes in movement. We encourage taking video, and having someone guide the horse for you, so you are free to observe. ProSix encourages self-carriage and balance, and discourages offloading and compensation. This makes lameness easier to observe. If all is well, begin to increase time in small increments. Progress is  individual, and we can’t responsibly give you advice in general terms. Move from groundwork to under saddle only when the horse is cleared for riding and can maintain relaxation and balance while carrying a rider. Begin the process again, starting at a walk. Increase time, speed, and other factors slowly. ProSix is a resistance band exercise that adds to the intensity of the workout; always reduce workout times and observe closely for fatigue or changes in movement and behavior that may indicate pain/discomfort. Go slowly, and reach your goals faster, without set backs of strain or injury.

We recommend using ProSix 1-2 times a week as needed; especially after periods of layup or pasture rest, days off, and as a “reset” to assist a horse with finding /maintaining posture, straightness, balance and for conditioning. ProSix can be used in turnout, as a warm up before a ride or workout, or during your ride, driving, or training session. To maintain relaxation during work, good posture, balance, and agility, use your ProSix often! How long do you continue? For a stronger, healthy lifetime.

Size tags are sewn onto each ProSix as shown in the photos. Tags are sewn on the left (near) side, to the right of the abdominal band. 

A plastic tag with our logo on one side and a QR code for our tutorial is attached to your canvas tote. We place a size sticker on the tag to show you what size ProSix is in the bag. If you hang your ProSix up in the barn, put this plastic tag on your hook to easily see the size.

Compare ProSix Equine to Equiband and Pessoa

Equiband: “A training aid to help activate your horse’s core”. 

Description: “Two lengths of rubber attach to a customized saddle pad”. 

Pessoa Lunging System: “…designed to encourage balance and a gradual build-up of topline”.

Description: “Array of soft ropes, clips, and pulleys with an elastic cord breeching strap…used in conjunction with a training surcingle. Surcingle, Lunging Caveson/Bridle SOLD SEPARATELY. “

ProSix Equine: The holistic solution for equine sensory, neurological, and muscular rehabilitation.

Description: Four bands of wide knitted elastic that encircle and connect the whole horse fore to hind and side to side. 

  1.  ProSix (re)connects the whole horse. Focusing on select areas is not an effective way to straighten, strengthen, balance, and enhance whole body proprioceptive awareness. Focus on drive/propulsion with a band across the hind end, the horse may come under himself but the brain lacks the proprioceptive information needed to coordinate this. Cadence and rhythm are lost, as the fore struggles to get out of the way. With ProSix, the message is complete and weight distribution is improved with more optimal balance- this is critical- between all four limbs! 
  2. No other tack is needed to hold ProSix in place. It can be worn without a saddle or surcingle, which may place undesirable pressure on the back. No straps are located in the girth area, which may restrict movement due to discomfort, may reduce swing and restrict breathing when uncomfortable.  There is NO involvement of , or restriction to the head or neck which can interfere with natural balance.
  3. ProSix’s unique design is patented. Jill and Lynda had not seen anything like this when they said “what if” and began trials with their first prototypes. There are no inferior quality copies on the market.
  1. Veterinarians, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physical therapists, rehabilitation therapists, farriers, bodyworkers, and other industry pros recommend ProSix to their clients. Top Veterinary Teaching hospitals and rehabilitation facilities use and recommend ProSix for their patients.
  1. ProSix has research studies planned with a top veterinary college. ProSix is more than an exercise and strengthening “resistance band”. ProSix offers many benefits other training products can’t to improve rehabilitation outcomes, build a stronger foundation, and elevate performance.
  1. ProSix offers more benefits to more horses than other aides can. *If your horse is unable to be ridden, lunged, or worked in hand, Equiband and Pessoa System are poor choices for rehabilitation. ProSix benefits the horse on stall rest, and in supervised turnout, and continues to calm, support, and strengthen throughout the entire rehabilitation process and beyond.
  1. ProSix is the best choice for “stacking” therapies. ProSix improves straightness and safety on treadmills and water treadmills. ProSix can be used with SureFoot pads, during PEMF and laser therapies, to calm and improve balance during farrier work, chiropractic adjustment, veterinary procedures, dental work, and more.  
  1. The materials chosen for ProSix are wide enough to disperse pressure across large areas, and strong enough to create the “swaddling” effect. Calm, support, and provide the “framing” that gives horses security. Create enough gentle pressure to stimulate mechanoreceptors in skin, fascia, and muscle all over the horse to calm, reduce anxiety, reduce pain and discomfort, and provide support when there is imbalance, instability, ataxia, and compensation patterns. ProSix encourages upright, symmetrical posture correction, strengthening the body to release the compensation patterns, open energy flow, and relieve tension on off-loaded limbs.
  1. Customers say they use ProSix more often, and consistency is important. Easier to use, and much simpler to adjust, horses enjoy the support and comfort of wearing ProSix. Improvement is visible even wearing it in turnout or at liberty for as little as 15 minutes, 3 times a week. It is possible to build muscle, change weight distribution, eliminate compensation patterns and rebalance your horse hand-walking during rehab! The versatility of use and easy on, easy off means you are more likely to use it.  For a great warm-up, add to lunging or liberty work before riding for a whole- body rebalancing and supported warm up.
  1. ProSix is made from 9in wide knitted, ventilated elastic on the main body band and abdominal band. Our products have always been made in the USA!  Our ProSix will last for years with good maintenance.  Horses can be horses, because ProSix stays in place with rolling, shaking, and stretching.

Eagle Link LLC, the company that created ProSix, is Jill and Lynda. We are available to you every day to answer your questions and concerns.  We offer a 30-day risk- free guarantee, and will refund your purchase price within 30 days of purchase for any reason. We are happy to review your photos and videos and make suggestions for the best fit for your horse.

“This has always been all about the horses”.