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Pro six logotype and logo mark in white.


ProSix links the horse’s forehand to its haunches with the mid-body strap. No other training aid connects the horse in this manner. This aids the horse and therefore Trainer in many ways.

ProSix improves gait. The horse takes a step forward and is reminded to step forward with the hind and bring the haunches along. The horse responds to the gentle resistance of the elastic by reaching his hind legs under his body, yet pushes against the resistance with the fore. Thus, an increase in length of stride and an improvement in rhythm results.

ProSix encourages straightness and aids to eliminate postural impairments and asymmetrical development. ProSix will help balance your horse’s dominant and weaker sides. This will resolve inabilities to pick up certain leads, improve sloppy spins, improve lateral movement in both directions. ProSix does not create dependence wherein the horse leans into, braces, or depends on the product for straightness, posture, etc. but instead creates muscle and strength to continue in good frame and movement when not wearing ProSix.

ProSix will create a stronger core with emphasis on abdominal support for a stronger back and rounded top line.  Developing the core muscles will make your horse a better athlete and reduce the chance of injury. The lift of the abdominal strap also encourages the horse to lower his head naturally, a goal of some trainer’s which doesn’t have to be addressed.

ProSix creates focus and decreases nervousness, distraction, spooking and avoidance behaviors. Focus makes learning easier and training progress faster.

The pro six logo mark.