Jennifer Bower | EPM Horse Owner



Ines Wecker | Veterinarian & Chiropractor
Director, BackBone-Academy, Buxtehude, Germany

I am a vet of over 25 years and an animal chiropractor of over 15 years. After all I’ve seen so far I must say that ProSix is outstanding for sensory as well as motor neuromuscular rehabilitation. Without ProSix, some of my tough patients wouldn’t have made it. But that shouldn’t imply that it is only useful for last hope cases – the opposite.  In the best of all worlds we and our horses would work in perfect balance all the time.  As we’re all far from that our horses actually do gain so much from the ProSix. Get in contact with Jill and Lynda and see for yourself! 




Ines Wecker | Veterinarian & Chiropractor
Director, BackBone-Academy, Buxtehude, Germany

I am a vet of over 25 years and an animal chiropractor of over 15 years. After all I’ve seen so far I must say that ProSix is outstanding for sensory as well as motor neuromuscular rehabilitation. Without ProSix, some of my tough patients wouldn’t have made it. But that shouldn’t imply that it is only useful for last hope cases – the opposite.  In the best of all worlds we and our horses would work in perfect balance all the time.  As we’re all far from that our horses actually do gain so much from the ProSix. Get in contact with Jill and Lynda and see for yourself! 

Jessie Menard | Horse Owner

My 10 year old Appendix gelding, Harley, has always been as rough as a lumber wagon at the canter, weaker in the hind end, and lacking that impulsion from behind. This past winter, ProSix came out to the barn to evaluate him and give me an introduction to the product. I could see a difference in his movement on the lunge line immediately after we put it on for the first time. His croup lowered, his hind legs reached more forward and he was straighter! I lunged Harley with ProSix on for a couple weeks then started riding with it on. He was already smoother at the canter and more “springy” at the trot. I also started noticing major changes in his body – muscling, balance, evening out his strong and weak sides and he had a topline! To say he physically is a different horse is an understatement. Once show season started, I got many shocked reactions at how good he looked! I still continue to ride with ProSix on at least once a week as we work to finish his lope and jog. It helps him feel and develop the muscles for self-carriage so he can do it on his own once I take it off. Whenever he sees me pull ProSix out of its bag, he brings his head down and sticks his nose out until I put it on.

Niki Langohr | AQHA World Show Exhibitor

I can't tell you how much I love ProSix! Myself and my barn have used it on multiple horses with great success. The biggest improvement I’ve seen is on my 17 year old Quarter Horse, Kahlua. She was diagnosed late in life with PSSM, but ever since we got her at age 4, she never really had great movement (fluidity, or lengthening). Years of training spent on her trying to collect her canter, lengthen stride, getting her comfortable to put her neck down, nothing was really working. We blamed it on her disease, that this was just how she was going to be. I tried ProSix on her while lounging and wow did it make a difference! Immediately she became balanced. She had great hock movement at the canter right away. After going around a couple minutes she lowered her neck and head. I couldn’t believe that for years when she worked she held her neck stiff and tight and all of the sudden she could relax and lower. This changed her movement drastically, being able to open her shoulders and drop. Her trot then became a bit longer as well.

I work her in ProSix for about 20 minutes a few times a week. I can see she is becoming more balanced and a better mover. I’m so excited that we don’t have to use the PSSM as a crutch anymore and she is capable of progressing. What I love most about ProSix is that it doesn’t physically hold a horse in any position. Unlike many other gadgets that hold/tie the head down, or glue a horse in a certain position, ProSix lets your horse willingly put their body how they like, and they figure out and learn where to put their body. No matter what the discipline (dressage, western, jumping) I believe that ProSix can help make your horse’s overall movement better, and your horse will be happier! Thank you for creating such an amazing product!

Kim Kenneally | AQHA Exhibitor

I have not found much time to invest in my horses with being a Mom of three young kids. I have recently tried the ProSix just on the lunge line with my horses.  The first time I tried the ProSix I noticed a difference in each one of my horses.  I continue to use it just on the lunge line.
The horses are doing great, and I’m still noticing continued improvement from each of them.
I don’t feel as guilty about my time (or lack of time) with them because I know they are getting a quality workout.

Sue Strom | Horse Trainer and Dressage Exhibitor

I started using a prototype of ProSix before it came onto the market and now have the “real” ProSix. When I started using it, I thought I would journal what was happening with the horses I tried using it on. Below is a brief summary of a few of these horses and the results.

TB Mare – This horse did not have a good canter and would buck when cantering. She would always “pop out” in the hind and lose her hind lead. I started working her with ProSix on the lunge line first. When the horse was ridden with the ProSix, she developed a more balanced canter. ProSix kept her hind quarters from “popping out”. There was no need to block or hold her at the canter, you could just ride it! This horse was worked periodically with the ProSix while I had her in training. The next spring the horse came back for the second time. She had maintained her balance at the trot and canter from the previous year’s training and support from ProSix. The wrap continued to support her trot and canter work. Her owner was happy with her calmness and balanced canter.

Small QH Mare – She was a horse that was terrified; she had no respect and didn’t know boundaries, very insecure. ProSix made a HUGE difference with this horse. She became “workable”. ProSix made this mare feel safe, which made the owner and me safe. It gave her the ability to relax and learn, to work. With the help of ProSix, in one month she was able to walk, trot and canter both directions calmly for her 13 year old rider.

TB Mare – Her owner said she had ridden on trails several times and that her training was minimal. She was very off balanced and quick on the lunge line and wouldn’t canter. She would freeze and resent any aid you would try. When I put the ProSix on her, she gave a big sigh and relaxed and in less than a week with the support of the ProSix she could lunge in both directions at the walk and trot. She was able to canter left and was learning to pick up her right lead on the lunge line.

Appendix Gelding – This horse was 9 years old when I started with him. He had spent the last 7 years tied in draw reins. He was so limited in the fore, his butt was up and he had trouble moving out front. I think overuse of draw reins can hurt their hocks and front extensors.  He wanted to move fast, short and choppy. At age 15 he was moving much more forward but was still rushing and stiff. I put ProSix on him; his tempo slowed, his croup lowered, he opened his shoulder and his stride lengthened at the trot. His laterals were 100% with ProSix on while under saddle. Much improved movement.

In closing, I would say in general that all of the horses wearing the ProSix did the following things: their heads go down, they stretch through their backs, there is a lot of licking. I love to see the muscles in their necks are bobbing and loose when they relax all the way through their backs. This is so important. It is equally important when using any training aide that you know what you are doing or have guidance from someone that does. All training takes consistency and skill. With that in mind ProSix can speed things up and make it fun for the horse. I feel that every horse could have some type of positive benefit from using the ProSix.

Jennifer Bower | EPM Horse Owner and Show Exhibitor

ProSix is the most amazing tool. This wrap saved my 22 year old horse Mickey’s life. On March 21, 2015 my horse cut his left hind leg on the fence and it was a very deep cut right below the hock. My mom and I had to wrap the cut daily for 3 months. During that process he had little use of that leg and was on stall rest for two weeks. He lost the majority of his muscle on his left hind side. After 3 months of healing we were able to leave the compression wrap off his leg which resulted in his leg swelling up again.The swelling never went down and he ended up getting a funky walk which I later learned was referred to as “stringhalt”. The cut that took so long to heal had disabled my horse, his walk wasn’t normal. In August I called my vet to come do chiropractic work on Mickey. I was hoping that would help his walk plus he had now gone severely lame on his right front foot. The vet explained that he strained a tendon and to give it time to heal. By the end of August my horse was not able to walk comfortably on his front feet or hind feet. He stood spread with his front feet way out in front of him and his hind way out behind him. He laid down Aug. 23 and we thought he would never get up again. We called our ProSix friend and she came over and with one look at him and said “Let’s put the ProSix on him, it can’t hurt. This will help remind him to stand square and bare weight more evenly”. The wrap stayed on him all night and by the next morning he was walking better with reduced swelling on the left hind leg. That evening he was walking even better and the swelling in the left hind leg was reduced tremendously. We thought that August night my horse would not make it, but he did. He lived 24/7 in the ProSix for a week and a half helping him to regain his strength and balance to walk. We are now riding him again and his stringhalt is hardly even noticeable after I had my vet tell me it would never get better or go away. It is amazing that this wrap not only saved my horse Mickey, it also improved the stringhalt. This made me a true 100% believer of this product. Thank you so much for saving my horse Mickey.

Jennie Griese | Horse Trainer

We have seen remarkable results with the ProSix. What sometimes takes hours of riding can be achieved in a few short sessions. Even just one session can make a huge difference. They quickly learn balance and use their topline. ProSix has become a very useful tool in our training program. Stoneybridge Stables is home of Wisconsin State Youth and Amateur Champions and Congress Winners.

Serenity Anderson | Horse Trainer

As a horse trainer by passion, and by trade, my life revolves around making good horses. I am always looking to improve the great horses and find ways to make the rest of the horses good citizens. I have found a training method that fits my training style and I have been very successful with it, but it wasn’t until I was pointed towards ProSix that I found a solution to issues I had previously been unable to solve. I like my horses calm, confident, and collected. I have trained horses that were calm and collected, but had no confidence. I’ve stumbled across horses that were calm and confident buy had no collection. ProSix has helped me in both ways. A fearful gelding that bolted unexpectedly was completely confident and relaxed after just a few sessions with ProSix. A jigging gelding gave up his poor trail behavior with just one trail ride with ProSix. A gelding with a great walk and trot but no cadence and rhythm to his lope looks normal and collected wearing ProSix. A rank mare learned to accept the saddle quietly after wearing ProSix, another mare learned to actually lope with confidence wearing ProSix (instead of walk, trot, and buck). I’ve used this incredible product to solve physical gait issues (balance, collection, etc.), and mental stimuli issues (confidence, relaxation, etc.) If I ever come upon a horse with an unexplainable issue, I ignore the crazy looks and answer all the questions as I put ProSix on the horse and just see if somehow, someway this product works. It has not let me down yet. Had this product been around 10 years ago, I think I could have saved a lot of headaches and a lot of horses. My ProSix hangs in its very own bag in my tack room waiting to be the solution for the next horse!

Marcia Bower | EPM Horse Owner

My daughter’s 8 year old AQHA show gelding had been diagnosed with Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM) and had been treated. I had seen a drastic change in his movement and personality. Even post-treatment his head hung toward the ground, when asked to back, he would drag his feet to not lose contact with the ground as his balance was to the point he would lean to one side or the other and looked like he would fall over at any given moment. This was a horse with character and personality.  He was actively shown for years and in show condition. I was in disbelief and there had to be something out there that could help our horse. I called upon my friend with ProSix to come and look at him to see if there was something she knew of to help him. I knew she was in the process of developing Prosix and thought maybe this could make a difference for him. ProSix was adjusted to fit my daughter’s gelding, we turned him out on the lunge line and to my amazement and disbelief, his movement, balance and stability were where he could function normally again. He moved with controlled balance; a new horse had derived from ProSix! With tears in my eyes, I couldn’t believe this was happening before my very eyes. There was hope for a horse that could barely walk, and now he had the ability to walk and slow trot with controllability. I immediately recognized that ProSix triggered this sensational event I was watching before my very eyes. This was immediate relief for my daughter and I as there was hope for a recovery. We continued with the ProSix wrap five times a week until he gained enough strength to again support a rider. He does continue to have some off days and ProSix comes out to the rescue to this day. My daughter and her gelding were back in the show arena this summer.
I would strongly recommend ProSix!