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ProSix increases strength through isometric and concentric exercise produced by the horse’s movement with gentle resistance of the elastic. The ProSix does not restrict movement; it allows for full range of motion. The elasticity adapts to variable speed of movement from standing to full gallop. As the range of motion increases, progressive resistance is applied because as the amount of stretch increases, so does the tension. Muscle fiber is activated at all times, to increase muscle strength and size, and decrease body fat.

Resistance band training is an effective way to strengthen, tone, and condition the muscles of the horse. The manner in which the elastic is wrapped around the horse’s body creates a preferred level of isometric and concentric pressure against the body resulting in low impact muscle contraction exercises. The key effort of the elastic resistance training is demonstrated increase in overall strength.

ProSix was created to build core strength. The abdominal band is positioned to encourage lift of the  abdominal muscles, to support the back and spine. The effect is similar to running a thumb under the horse’s belly and seeing the horse round its back. The rear of the main body band generates hind end engagement, reaching under with the hind legs for better back support, and lifting of the back. The lift is encouraged by the ProSix at all times, including while in movement. A horse requires strength training to safely support the spine under the weight of a rider without damage. It is our responsibility to ensure that our horse is strong enough to perform the tasks we ask of them.

The pro six logo mark.