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ProSix can be very useful when bringing a horse back from injury or disease. Each case would need to be reviewed by your horse’s caregiver and approval given to begin the use of the ProSix.

We recommend you begin using the ProSix on the lunge line or supervised turnout.  This will allow your horse to do self-limiting exercise without the added dimension of tack and/or rider. ProSix will work with your horse and not restrict his movement or body parts in any way. 

Most injuries mean that a horse hasn’t been utilizing 100% of some part of his body.  An injury usually results in compensatory posture and movement. Once a horse has healed from their specific injury, the compensatory action is likely to continue as it has now been programmed into the horse’s muscle memory. So once again the process is to re-educate the muscle and the way in which weight is distributed throughout the body.  ProSix will help to override the previously programmed compensatory movement and bring uniformity to all four limbs and muscle symmetry.

ProSix is a broad-spectrum rehabilitative tool.

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