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Reconditioning comes into play when learning a new discipline, for example retraining an off-track Thoroughbred to jump or for pleasure riding. This horse will be very asymmetrical from side to side. Another reconditioning project would be pulling the dormant or pasture horse and starting a new program such as making it a performance horse.

Reconditioning comes into play when changing from one “training program” to another as there can be big differences in techniques and equipment. ProSix can also be used when changing the level and demands of your program, such as strength training to improve speed (racing, barrel racing), to improve agility (team penning, trail rides), to improve endurance (endurance trail rides, eventing). One very overlooked way to recondition with ProSix is to offer an old friend a stronger, healthier retirement.

ProSix is an equine body wrap made of knitted and ventilated elastic that connects your horse front-to-back and side-to-side. This will make your horse more aware of his body.  The horse will therefore start to make changes to his posture. The result of the body awareness and posture changes will require the horse to start using muscles that might have been underused in prior movement and therefore have the opposite effect on muscles that were overused for various reasons. The objective is to have symmetry in all muscle groups. ProSix will work with your horse and not restrict his movement or body parts in any way.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: When changing the posture, weight distribution and movement of the horse during transitioning, it is very common to see a modified gait or what appears to be a “lameness”. It is important to observe the process and see if there is progression to “balance” in the movement. If you are concerned about any transitional changes, please seek the advice of your veterinarian.

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