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Proprioception, often referred to as the sixth sense, is the sense of knowing where your body is in space, even when you can’t see it. The ability to know what position a foot is in at this moment comes from feedback from sensory receptors. These receptors are located in skin, fascia, muscles, joints, tendons, and in joint-supporting ligaments. The proprioceptors relay information to the CNS or central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). Disruption of the receptors’ communication to the CNS can be caused by localized injury of an area, injury to the spine or brain, arthritis, infection, toxins, nutritional deficiency, and illnesses affecting the CNS, including those caused by parasites such as EPM, and viral or bacterial infections. Without information from the receptors, a horse may stumble, drag his “toes”, step on his own feet, or fail to lift his feet adequately to avoid or step over an obstacle. 

How does ProSix help?  Resistance and deep pressure stimulate proprioception!  The pressure from the wide knitted elastic bands acts as an external stimulus on receptors, providing a strong new signal to the brain. Wearing ProSix, horses often demonstrate immediate improvement in their ability to navigate and move even their hind feet and limbs purposefully. This is most evident in horses that have had EPM with resulting neural deficits. When a horse is at increased risk of injuries and falls, it is important to begin ProSix therapy as soon as possible to re-establish lost neural connections and regain stability and balance.  It is important to recognize that stress can adversely affect the sense of proprioception. 

ProSix, the calming, supportive way to speak to the brain!


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