ProSix K9 is a body wrap used to rehabilitate after injuries, to aid seniors and proactively for dogs prone to certain genetic deficiencies. It is made of knitted and ventilated elastic that connects your dog front-to-back and side-to-side. ProSix K9 builds strength through isometric and concentric exercise produced by the dog's movement with the gentle resistance of the elastic. ProSix K9 connects the dog, enhancing proprioception, sometimes referred to as the sixth sense; creating whole body awareness. ProSix K9 calms with steady, gentle pressure to relieve stress and anxiety. ProSix K9 encourages correct posture with strategically placed support; improving balance and rhythm.

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ProSix K9 builds overall body strength through resistance training produced by the dog’s movement. The amount of resistance is controlled by the dog itself. Core strength is also targeted by ProSix K9 through the use of an abdominal strap that engages those muscles.


ProSix K9 was named for its impact and improvement on proprioception. ProSix K9 is outstanding for impacting sensory input as to what is going on between all four legs of the dog.  ProSix K9 has an amazing effect on motor neuromuscular rehabilitation.


ProSix K9 balances the dog both physically and mentally.  Physical balances comes from posture correction as the dog stands up straighter, taller, and bares weight equally on all four feet.  Mental balance is from the calming effect of deep touch pressure applied by the ProSix K9 from all sides.


  • Build core strength, stronger abdominals, a supple back, and symmetrical muscle balance


  • Increase proprioception and confidence by reducing stumbling, falls


  • Improve posture and balance with more even weight distribution between all four limbs


  • Calms with deep touch pressure for anxiety relief


  • Improved rehabilitation from surgery, injury, illness, or disease


  • Supportive care for seniors to improve mobility, safety, and comfort


  • Non-restrictive and comfortable; can be worn while lying or sitting, during exercise, at play


  • Whole body support to decrease pain, increase stability to joints, and strengthen
    the muscles that support them

Fitting your ProSix K9
Use the arrows below to toggle through each step.

Your ProSix K9 comes to you assembled. The chest strap has our logo sewn at the front. The rear of the ProSix K9 has two leg straps, please detach these straps. They will hang down centered under the tail when fitting. Now remove the shoulder strap and the hip strap and set them aside placing them so you are aware of where they will go when you add them back to the ProSix K9. The last remaining strap to be removed is the belly strap. You are now left with just the chest strap attached to the long body strap. This forms a loop that will be placed horizontally on the dog.


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Mark each spot (A,B,C,D) as shown below using tape. Be sure to dull the stickiness before placing on your dog. Use a flexible fabric measuring tape. Please submit your measurements in inches. 

 Animal practitioners please contact us at info@eagleprosix.com for speciality pricing. 

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