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Horses naturally carry more weight on their forehand because their  head and neck, created for grazing, are heavy. To optimally support the weight of a rider and facilitate forward movement, a horse’s weight should be distributed between all four legs with slightly more weight carried by the larger muscles in hind quarters.

Like humans, horses develop asymmetrical posture and have a dominant side. Horses are most commonly left sided, and generally prefer counter-clockwise movement. Rather than working on their weaker side, horses feel more comfortable working on their stronger side which makes the deficiency more prevalent.  A horse may also develop a weakness due to accident, injury, or illness and will compensate by shifting weight from the injured area to the stronger side.

ProSix is used to create a physically balanced, upright posture that helps the horse stand equally on all four feet. This is extremely important in stopping the escalation of a problem due to accident, injury, or illness by preventing compensation which results in excess load being distributed to other extremities. ProSix promotes balance through the use of four strategically placed bands which encircle the body fore to hind, and gives lift to the lower abdominals that lift the back and support the spine. Unlike any other training aid, ProSix links the horse’s forehand to its haunches with the mid-body band.  ProSix utilizes wide bands of knitted elastic that support and stabilize without restricting movement. 

ProSix facilitates mental balance through calming, steady, gentle pressure that relieves stress and anxiety. Through deep touch pressure provided by ProSix, horses remain passive and relaxed. This mental state facilitates learning and alleviates anxiety allowing the horse to focus and concentrate.

The pro six logo mark.