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International Orders – Do you ship ProSix Internationally?

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International Orders – Do you ship ProSix internationally? International OrdersDo you ship ProSix internationally? Yes! We have sold ProSix products in 25 countries! We don’t have distributors in the U.S. or internationally yet, but this is a future plan. Please start by visiting our website at Select Equine, go to Purchase, select Sizes, and […]

Eagle Link LLC

Eagle Link LLC Eagle Link LLC. The name of our company that creates ProSix Equine and ProSix K9. In 2012 or was it 2013, Jill and I met with a local business advisor. “Eagles, horses, and dogs?” He advised a name change. He also advised that we cut production costs by sending a prototype to […]

When is ProSix no longer needed?

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When is ProSix no longer needed? I realize I am prejudiced because I am one of the creators of ProSix, but I am always puzzled when I see a ProSix for sale. My gosh, what are people failing to see? ProSix helps in so many ways. The only reason I can see where you would […]

Riding With ProSix

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Riding With ProSix I would like to talk about my experience as a rider with ProSix. I will say I have taken lessons from a very successful AQHA trainer for over 30 years. A trainer who specializes in creating a team between horse and rider. I have heard all the usual and customary terms over […]