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International Orders - Do you ship ProSix internationally?

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International Orders
Do you ship ProSix internationally?

Yes! We have sold ProSix products in 25 countries! We don’t have distributors in the U.S. or internationally yet, but this is a future plan.

Please start by visiting our website at Select Equine, go to Purchase, select Sizes, and find the measurement guides, in inches, (in.) and pounds, (lbs.). Compare your measurements to our size chart. Please measure carefully, and contact us with any questions. When deciding what you would like to order, we strongly recommend you include at least one “liner” for each ProSix Equine ordered. Do not place your order here, go to our email:

Please include your shipping address, your phone number, and your order in your email. Are you an equine professional? Please include your credentials so that we can offer you a professional discount.

We are happy to provide shipping cost estimates for you. At this time, all international customers are responsible to us for the cost of shipping, and to the country you are shipping to, for any sales taxes or import duties charged. We will include those VAT and Duty charges with your estimate.

If you approve of the estimate and wish to proceed with the order, we will send an invoice to your email. Once paid, we will ship UPS Worldwide Expedited, and send you an estimated delivery date. UPS will send your tracking number.

Limitations with international orders: due to shipping costs we cannot offer our usual size and satisfaction guarantees. If you’d like to return it and pay for shipping, we will refund your purchase price, but there is often a good resale market with horse owners near you. Return requests are rare here in the USA!

Jill and Lynda are available to assist you every day, from 8am-8pm EST by email, text, messages, or phone. All our best to you!