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When is ProSix no longer needed?

A grey horse wearing the pro six equine.

I realize I am prejudiced because I am one of the creators of ProSix, but I am always puzzled when I see a ProSix for sale. My gosh, what are people failing to see? ProSix helps in so many ways. The only reason I can see where you would actually be “done” with ProSix is if you no longer have horses. Even if the underlying issue that urged you to buy ProSix is resolved, don’t discontinue use. We have high end riders using ProSix on a regular basis for their very athletic, very conditioned horses competing in various disciplines.

I always have a couple sizes of ProSix hanging in the barn to use at any given moment on my mix of horses. What do I have standing in my barn? I have primarily geriatric horses. These horses are basically used for any visiting beginner riders and myself to be lightly ridden around the property or doing simple trail obstacles outside to entertain the kids. This is not a common occurrence; therefore these horses cannot bank on these visits to maintain condition. These horses could probably be left to decline in the pasture by losing muscle from lack of use, but I like to see all my horses in the best shape possible given that I do everything else for them, quality food, proper supplementation and why not productive exercise.Therefore they wear ProSix on alternate days in turnout. I only do this when I am home to observe them while they are wearing ProSix. What does this do for them? Well think of you wearing a posture band, something to gently remind you to keep your shoulders back and stand more erect, that is the same thing that ProSix will do for your horse while it is grazing in the pasture while moving as they wish. ProSix frames your horse side to side and front to back. This will encourage a more “upright” posture and help to remind a horse to distribute weight equally between his four feet. It also has the abdominal band that gently engages the abdominal muscles to lift the back. Having the opportunity to put ProSix on my senior horses helps to lessen the guilt I feel for not getting these horses out and exercising them enough for my peace of mind.

I have one younger horse, the “just in case I ever want to show again horse”, that I step up my ProSix time. This horse wears his ProSix while lunging or long line driving. He wears the ProSix for basically the very same reasons as I listed above but we add trot and canter work to the schedule. I like that the ProSix encourages straight and forward movement. If you have ever had a horse that “leans” into the circle or what some call “motorcycles” on the lunge line, be prepared to see a difference even from the start that will only get better with consistent use.I don’t like to circle and circle a horse so I use long lines a lot. You can really see the difference in movement when standing behind the horse. I see a more upright posture and also see better tracking underneath. The quality of the sidepass is much improved when using ProSix. Again, to see or notice these things, it is important to notice how your horse moves in DETAIL before trying ProSix.

One of the best uses of ProSix is the fact that it helps with any kind of anxiety. The ProSix calms through the “deep touch pressure” from the elastic. We know that the most ideal situation in training is to start with a very relaxed horse. This is very, very important! I didn’t mention it above as my horses have been with me many years and anxiety isn’t an issue.

Another important advantage to point out is resistance band training. I think ProSix is better at this than any other product because it encircles the horse connecting front to back. It is the ONLY resistance band product that does this. Other band therapy focuses on only hind end engagement. I have watched these products in use and to me (my humble opinion)is that it seems to upset the movement upfront, sometimes this is a hopping upfront to get out of the way of the “overreaching” of the hind legs, or to stride wider to get out of the way of the hinds. I see more reach in the front with ProSix in addition to a matching stride length front to back, with more cadence and rhythm. Resistance band training in horses builds muscle, the fact that the horse can wear ProSix while in movement creates variable resistance which is even more ideal. The idea that perhaps we are building muscle while in better posture is an even better scenario.

So I have talked on and on about the question of when one might be done with ProSix and my answer is I don’t think ever, as long as you own a horse it is a valuable tool to have in your barn. The ProSix are very durable and for the investment, everyone should have one in your barn.

I have covered some of the different reasons above such as anxiety, conditioning, strength training but there are more. I haven’t even talked about emergencies, illnesses and injuries where having the ProSix available to help friends save their animals lives has made all the difference. I will tell you about that in another blog.

Jill McDermott,
Equestrian and one of the ProSix creators.

Linda and Jill with standing with a horse.