Sue Strom

I started using a prototype of the PROSIX before it came onto the market and now have the “real” PROSIX”.  When I started using it, I thought I would journal what was happening with the horses I tried using it on.  Below is a brief summary of some of these horses and the results.

1.  Morgan/TB Mare – This horse did not have a good canter and would buck when cantering.  She would always “pop out” in the hind and lose her hind lead.  I started working her with the PROSIX on the lunge line first.  When the horse was ridden with the PROSIX, she developed a more balanced canter. The PROSIX kept her hind quarters from “popping out”.  There was no need to block or hold her at the canter, you could just ride it!  This horse was worked periodically with the PROSIX while I had her in training.  In Spring 2014 the horse came back for the second time.  The mare came in with a gelding stable mate.  She was more fussy and resistant at first.  The wrap calmed and focused her.  She had maintained her balance at the trot and canter from the previous year’s training and support from the PROSIX.  The wrap continued to support her trot and canter work.  Her owner was happy with her calmness and balanced canter.

2.  Morgan Gelding – This guy was used for trail riding horse and had very little arena work.  The PROSIX taught this horse to find balance in the arena.  While wearing the PROSIX under saddle and on a lunge line, this horse learned his right lead canter – depart and canter.  The PROSIX was the foundation to the right lead on this horse.  When the owner came to ride the horse, the horse didn’t miss a right lead.  A horse needs to be supple, balanced, be able to hold their rib cage correctly and be able to bend before they are able to balance at the canter.  The PROSIX definitely helps put the canter on a horse.

3.  Arab Gelding – a rescue horse. He bucked and kicked; he had a “helium butt” at the canter that caused him to lose his hind lead after several strides.  Let’s say he didn’t have much of a canter in either direction.  He was afraid of many things!  He started on the PROSIX on the lunge line and than under saddle with a rider.  The PROSIX helped him bend his pelvis, his butt came down.  He was calm and focused with the wrap on!  I rode him consistently in the PROSIX back then.  Horses don’t think they can buck or don’t seem to while wearing the PROSIX!  Now this guy is a little dressage horse, and he is with a family. He’s a blast to ride!  The family doesn’t own a PROSIX, but the little gelding maintains his beautiful gaits after training with it.

4.  20+ year old TB Gelding – This was a very sensitive horse.  He lunged good with the PROSIX; relaxed.  He lunged with the saddle with good results; first time I saw the “bob” through the neck muscles on him.  He was relaxing and coming through his back.  He was not responsive to wearing the PROSIX under saddle with a rider.   It was too much information from the wrap and rider combined.

5.  17 Hand Appendix Gelding – This horse was 9 years old when I started with him.  He had spent the last 7 years tied in draw reins.  He was so limited in the fore, his butt was up and he had trouble moving out front.  I think over use of draw reins can hurt their hocks and front extensors.  He wanted to move fast, short and choppy. At age 15 he was moving much more forward but was still rushing and stiff.  I put the PROSIX on him; his tempo slowed, his croup lowered, he opened his shoulder and his stride lengthened at the trot.  His laterals were 100% with the PROSIX on while under saddle!  Much improved movement.

6.  Small QH Mare –  She was a horse that was terrified; she had no respect and didn’t know boundaries, very insecure.  The PROSIX made a HUGH difference with this horse.  She became “workable”.  The PROSIX made this mare feel safe, which made the owner and me safe.  It gave  her the ability to relax and learn, to work.  With the help of the PROSIX, in one month she was able to walk, trot and canter both directions calmly for her 13 year old rider.

7.  Lusitano/TB Mare  7 years old – She came from out of state.  Her owner said she had ridden on trails several times and that her training was minimal.  She would freeze and resent any aid you would try.  When I put the PROSIX on her, she a big sigh and relaxed.  She was very off balanced and quick on the lunge line and wouldn’t canter.  In less than a week with the support of the PROSIX she could lunge in both directions at the walk and trot.  She was able to canter left and was learning to pick up her right lead on the lunge line.

In closing I would say in general that all of the horses wearing the PROSIX did the following things:  their heads go down, they stretch through their backs, there is a lot of licking.  I love to see the muscles in their necks are bobbing and loose when they relax all the way through their backs.  This is so important.  It is equally important when using any training aide that you know what you are doing or have guidance from someone that does.  All training takes consistency and skill.  With that in mind the PROSIX can speed things up and make it fun for the horse.  I feel that every horse could have some type of positive benefit from using the PROSIX.