You Can Build A Better Horse...With ProSix!

Balance, strengthen, condition, rebuild, repair, calm and focus...the answer is ProSix!


* is a comfortable equine wrap made of knitted, ventilated elastic * builds strength, proprioception, and balance while encouraging straightness and alignment * lifts and supports to increase core strength, create a strong, supple back and a rounded topline * encourages hind end engagement for better weight distribution, strength, and propulsion * creates connectedness fore-to-hind and side-to-side with its unique, patent pending design * calms and focuses the horse with the "deep touch pressure" of the gentle elastic * is an effective diagnostic tool; it discourages compensation and makes areas of weakness easier to spot * increases the effectiveness of training sessions with low-impact, isometric and concentric exercise * demonstrated significant improvements in rehabilitation/reconditioning following injury, illness, non-use * accelerated therapy results; training can start earlier with low-impact, gentle resistance * has demonstrated remarkable results in the rehab of EPM from the first time worn * is effective in alleviating behavioral and fear-related issues * can be used on multiple horses/ 5 areas of adjustment to optimize fit from size 14.2 to 17 hands * can be worn with/without rider or tack; in supervised turnout, on lunge, round pen, while riding, in harness * can be utilized in the training of most all horses; of any discipline

Order yours today at or call with questions Jill 906-241-8540 or Lynda 906-398-8237.

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The material found on our website and in our other promotional materials is provided for educational purposes only, and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please seek professional veterinary advice prior to use as a rehabilitation or reconditioning aid. We are not held responsible for any harm or injury that may occur.

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