You Can Build A Better Horse...With ProSix!

Balance, strengthen, condition, rebuild, repair, calm and focus...the answer is ProSix!


* is a comfortable equine wrap made of knitted, ventilated elastic * builds strength, proprioception, and balance while encouraging straightness and alignment * lifts and supports to increase core strength, create a strong, supple back and a rounded topline * encourages hind end engagement for better weight distribution, strength, and propulsion * creates connectedness fore-to-hind and side-to-side with its unique, patent pending design * calms and focuses the horse with the "deep touch pressure" of the gentle elastic * is an effective diagnostic tool; it discourages compensation and makes areas of weakness easier to spot * increases the effectiveness of training sessions with low-impact, isometric and concentric exercise * demonstrated significant improvements in rehabilitation/reconditioning following injury, illness, non-use * accelerated therapy results; training can start earlier with low-impact, gentle resistance * has demonstrated remarkable results in the rehab of EPM from the first time worn * is effective in alleviating behavioral and fear-related issues * can be used on multiple horses/ 5 areas of adjustment to optimize fit from size 14.2 to 17 hands * can be worn with/without rider or tack; in supervised turnout, on lunge, round pen, while riding, in harness * can be utilized in the training of most all horses; of any discipline

Order yours today at or call with questions Jill 906-241-8540 or Lynda 906-398-8237.

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