Help clients with at-home therapy for canines

Hey Vets, here is an easy-to-use product that you can send home with your client to continue therapy. Canines who require ongoing therapy can continue rehabilitation at home with this wearable device.

ProSix K9 is the only therapeutic harness or wrap to communicate whole body proprioceptive awareness to the brain as it frames and supports the dog. Comfortable bands of soft, ventilated elastic enhance neuromuscular communication and provide resistance for strengthening. The dog’s daily routines at home become effective exercise; engaging the core, improving weight distribution, increasing muscle mass, and increasing mobility and range of motion while deep touch pressure decreases pain and eases anxiety. ProSix K9 is easy to put on and comfortable to wear. For continued progress and measurable results by the next appointment, prescribe ProSix K9.

Contact Jill or Lynda to get wholesale information and learn how this product can improve outcomes. 906-241-8540, or email

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