Getting Started

ProSix comes to you assembled to show you HOW it will look: it is not adjusted to fit your horse. A fitting guide is included with your purchased ProSix and there is also a fitting video here on our website.

Get your horse desensitized to the sound of the hook and loop. Make sure you allocate time to get the fit right.

Observe the 4 areas at the shoulders and hips covered by an extra piece of hook. These are there to protect the areas exposed after correct fit is obtained so that dirt and debris doesn’t collect. It also protects your ProSix elastic when washing and ensures your ProSix will last with correct care. Be sure to keep these covers in place at all times other than during the initial fitting.

Open/unattach the hip tensioners on both sides first, before pulling over butt.

Make sure to check both sides of your horse when fitting. Please try to keep adjustments uniform on both sides.

ProSix should be snug but never tight, and you can pull away from horse by sliding your hand underneath.

You may take photos of your horse wearing ProSix and text to our phones (from the website) for fitting suggestions. Please include side views, front, and back.

ProSix is the ONLY rehabilitation/training wrap that connects the whole horse, body and brain. Give your horse time to process all this information at liberty or in turnout in the first week. ProSix acts on mechanoreceptors located in hair, skin, and muscle, stimulating the neurological system throughout the body providing a complete message to the brain, enhancing proprioceptive awareness and improving motor output throughout.

Begin slowly and progress slowly with exercise. ProSix provides a resistance band workout! It will take time to build strength to support a better posture, improved self-carriage, improved weight distribution and to abandon compensatory patterns. For optimal results, begin at a walk, without a rider, and increase time/effort/speed in minutes per day (even with a fit horse). Please stop activity if you see signs of fatigue which may increase risk for strain. Have your horse wear ProSix at liberty, with recommended supervision for excellent results in 15-20 minutes per day. ProSix is a resistance band workout, even with fit horses, active normal workouts should be reduced to half time.

Please follow advised activity restrictions from your horse’s health care professionals. ProSix can be used in stall rest, with hand walking, at liberty or in turnout, on a lunge line, long lines, under or over saddles or bareback pads. Excellent for warm-up. Reinforce neural pathways with use 1 – 2 times a week to encourage self-carriage in good posture and balance.

We at ProSix can only advise in general terms for use. However, we realize that some users would like more detailed guidance for their horse’s particular objective whether for conditioning, training or rehabilitation. Therefore ProSix has gathered a panel of TRUSTED ADVISORS.

Our Trusted Advisors are individuals that we have established an ongoing relationship and have confidence with their use and knowledge of our product. These individuals have extensive knowledge and experience in the equine field. These Trusted Advisors will work collaboratively with their clients as a strategic partner. They will provide advice and guidance tailored to you and your horse. These advisors work separately from ProSix and have their own fee structures. You can contact these advisors through the information listed below.