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ProSix and EPM        Rehabilitation  

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A diagnosis of EPM, Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalopathy, is terrifying.  There are so many questions, so many unknowns.  Before your veterinarian arrived at this probable diagnosis, there was a physical with a neurological exam, and a gait score assigned based on your observations and the veterinarian’s findings.  Will the neurological issues get worse?  Will these symptoms resolve with drug treatment or will there be permanent damage?  Will your horse fully recover and return to his previous level of physical ability and activity? When will you see signs of improvement? How long will it take for strength to return? 


Your veterinarian orders medications; dewormer for the protozoa, maybe an anti-inflammatory, Vitamin E supplement to help the nervous system, maybe others for pain, and immune system support.   What is recommended for rehabilitation?  


ProSix Equine is the MOST EFFECTIVE solution for reconnecting

 and strengthening the whole horse!


*Horses like wearing ProSix; it is comforting and supportive       

*Rehabilitation can begin immediately, even with stall rest

*ProSix calms with deep touch pressure, reducing anxiety, stress

*ProSix is an external neural stimulus for nerve recovery

*ProSix stabilizes and supports, reducing fall risk

*ProSix encourages weight distribution between all 4 legs

*ProSix improves proprioception to reduce stumbling, tripping

*ProSix improves posture, balance, and core musculature

*ProSix builds strength using the gentle resistance 

*Non-restrictive; encourages full range of motion

*ProSix is effective when simply worn; horse achieves results 


Support the immune system


ProSix calms with the deep touch pressure of wide knitted, ventilated elastic swaddling the horse front to back. The wide abdominal band lifts to support the spine, and strengthen core musculature and encourage proper posture which is so important for healing.  The immune mediated response of producing antibodies to remove protozoa, promote healing, and provide future defense from harmful invaders is necessary for health! 

Stress is harmful to the immune system and the healing process; promote calming with ProSix.


Strengthen the nervous system


ProSix is a series of connected wide elastic bands that stimulates receptors  in skin and muscle to provide information to neurons, and through neural pathways to the central nervous system (brain, brainstem, and spinal cord). Protozoal damage and inflammation can damage the nervous system. Muscles suffer atrophy and weakening when innervation is lost.  

ProSix provides neurostimulation to encourage the rebuilding of lost connections, through neuroplasticity.  Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to form and reorganize synaptic connections in response to learning, experiences, or following injury (such as a stroke, or protozoal damage from EPM).  Keep connections and reconnections strong with ProSix. 


Protect your horse from injury


ProSix protects your horse by enhancing proprioceptive awareness (knowing where his feet and limbs are in space, joint position sense and joint motion sense). This reduces fall risks, stumbling, tripping, and toe-dragging. ProSix encourages more evenly distributed weight between all four legs to prevent offloading to stronger legs, and causing strain to muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments in the “good” leg.



ProSix is easy to use


ProSix goes on as easily as a closed-front blanket.  It can be worn in the stall, or at liberty in supervised turnout, with quiet pasture buddies or alone. The horse will move as much or as little as he feels comfortable, and the gentle resistance bands keep steady contact and communication with muscles to strengthen. This is our recommended method of use, especially initially to assess your horse in ProSix. Walking in hand is recommended provided the horse is steady, and doesn’t risk the handler’s safety. Please avoid lunging at first. Allow the horse to build confidence, and demonstrate stability before asking him to perform more difficult exercise requiring balance such as circles, backing, going in the direction of his “weak” side, etc.  Please monitor carefully for fatigue, which may increase the risk of stumbling, or falls.  We encourage you to begin slowly, and proceed very slowly, with no more than 15 minutes wear time initially.  Let your horse’s actions, behavior, and mood guide you to advance activity and exercise time. Increase level of difficulty slowly and with caution to avoid stress, injury, increased inflammation, or signs of worsening symptoms. Please do not ride a horse with neurological symptoms until cleared by your veterinarian, due to risk of injury to horse and rider. 

We are here for you; please let us know how we can help!

We created ProSix for our own horses, to offer them support and comfort, and to improve their overall strength, balance, and proprioception. We have had great success using ProSix for the rehabilitation of horses diagnosed with EPM. We want to offer that opportunity to as many horses as possible, so we offer you a 30-day risk free trial period.  If you don’t see improvement, send it back for a full purchase price refund. 

All our best to you,

Jill McDermott and Lynda Reese

Veterinarian, Chiropractor, and Farrier recommended  

ProSix products are made in the USA with American made materials