Serenity Anderson

As a horse trainer by passion, and by trade, my life revolves around making good horses.  I am always looking to improve the great horses and find ways to make the rest of the horses good citizens.  I have found a training method that fits my training style and I have been very successful with it, but it wasn’t until I was pointed towards the PROSIX that I found a solution to issues I had previously been unable to solve.  I like my horses calm, confident, and collected.  I have trained horses that were calm and collected, but had no confidence.  I’ve stumbled across horses that were calm and confident buy had no collection.  PROSIX has helped me in both ways.  A fearful gelding that bolted unexpectedly was completely confident and relaxed after just a few sessions with the PROSIX.  A jigging gelding gave up his poor trail behavior with just one trail ride in the PROSIX.  A gelding with a great walk and trot but no cadence and rhythm to his lope looks normal and collected wearing the PROSIX.  A rank mare learned to accept the saddle quietly after wearing the PROSIX, another mare learned to actually lope with confidence wearing the PROSIX (instead of walk, trot, and buck).  I’ve used this incredible product to solve physical gait issues (balance, collection, etc.), and mental stimuli issues (confidence, relaxation, etc.)  If I ever come upon a horse with an unexplainable issue, I ignore the crazy looks and answer all the questions as I put the PROSIX on the horse and just see if somehow, someway this product works.  It has not let me down yet.  Had this product been around 10 years ago, I think I could have saved a lot of headaches and a lot of horses.  My Eagle PROSIX hangs in its very own bag in my tack room waiting to be the solution for the next horse.