Marcia Bower, Show Mom and Lifetime Horse Owner

My daughter’s 8 year old AQHA show gelding had been diagnosed with Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM) and had been treated.  I had seen a drastic change in his movement and personality.  Even post-treatment his head hung toward the ground, when asked to back, he would drag his feet to not lose contact with the ground as his balance was to the point he would lean to one side or the other and looked like he would fall over at any given moment.  This was a horse with character and personality.  He was actively shown for years and in show condition.  I was in disbelief and there had to be something out there that could help our horse.  After witnessing this myself, I called upon my friend, Jill McDermott, to come and look at him to see if there was something she knew of to help him.  I knew she was in the process of developing the PROSIX and thought maybe this could make a difference for him.  Jill brought out the PROSIX and said to give this a try.  I had only heard of Jill’s new invention and wondered what it was.  The PROSIX was adjusted to fit my daughter’s gelding, we turned him out on the lunge line and to my amazement and disbelief, his movement, balance and stability were where he could function normally again.  He moved with controlled balance, a new horse had derived from the PROSIX.  With tears in my eyes, I couldn’t believe this was happening before my very eyes.  There was hope for a horse that could barely walk, and now he had the ability to walk and a slow trot with controllability.  It was immediately recognized that the PROSIX triggered this sensational event I was watching before my very eyes.  This was immediate relief for my daughter and I as there was hope for a recovery.  We continued with the PROSIX wrap 5 X a week until he gained enough strength to again support a rider.  He does continue to have some off days and the PROSIX comes out to the rescue to this day.  My daughter and her gelding were back in the show arena this summer.  I would strongly recommend the PROSIX.