Jessie Menard


My 10 year old Appendix gelding, Harley, has always been as rough as a lumber wagon at the canter, weaker in the hind end, and lacking that impulsion from behind.  This past winter, Jill and Lynda came out to the barn to evaluate him and give me an introduction to the PROSIX.  I could see a difference in his movement on the lunge line immediately after we put it on for the first time.  His croup lowered, his hind legs reached more forward and he was straighter!  I lunged Harley with the PROSIX on for a couple weeks then started riding with it on.  He was already smoother at the canter and more “springy” at the trot.  I also started noticing major changes in his body – muscling, balance, evening out his strong and weak sides and he had a TOPLINE!!  To say he is physically a different horse is an understatement.  Once show season started, I got many shocked reactions at how good he looked!  I still continue to ride with the PROSIX on at least once a week as we work to finish his lope and jog.  It helps him feel and develop the muscles for self-carriage so he can do it on his own once I take it off.  Whenever he sees me pull the PROSIX out of its bag, he brings his head down and sticks his nose out until I put it on.