Jennifer Bower

The Eagle PROSIX is the most amazing tool. This wrap saved my 22 year old horse Mickey’s life. March 21, 2015 my horse Mickey cut his left hind leg on the fence and it was a very deep cut right below the hock.   My Mom and I had to wrap the cut daily for 3 months. During that process he wasn’t able to use that leg very well and was on stall rest for two weeks.  He lost the majority of his muscle on his left hind side. Adfter 3 months of healing we were able to leave the compression wrap off his leg which resulted in his leg swelling up again. The swelling never went down and he ended up getting a funky walk which I later learned was referred to as “stringhalt”. This cut that took so long to heal had disabled my horse;  he couldn’t walk normally.   In August I called my vet to come do chiropractic work on Mickey. I was hoping that would help his walk plus he had now gone severely lame on his right front foot. The vet explained that he strained a tendon and to give it time to heal.  By the end of August my horse was not able to walk comfortably on the front feet or his hind feet. He stood spread with his front feet way out in front of him and his hind way out behind him. He laid down Aug. 23 and we thought he would never get up again. We called our friend Jill and she came rushing over and with one look at him, Jill said “Let’s put the PROSIX on him. This will help remind him to stand square and bear weight more evenly”. The wrap stayed on him all night and by the next morning he was walking better with reduced swelling on the left hind leg. That evening he was walking even better and the swelling in the left hind leg was reduced tremendously. We thought that August night my horse would not make it, but he did. He lived 24/7 in the PROSIX for a week and a half helping him to regain his strength and balance to walk. We are now riding him again and his stringhalt is hardly even noticeable after I had my vet tell me it would never get better or go away. It is amazing that this wrap not only saved my horse Mickey, it also improved the stringhalt. The made me a true 100% believer of this product. Thank you so much for saving my horse Mickey.