• Jill and Lynda, creators of the PROSIX.

Eagle ProSIX

Wrap your horse in comfort and be amazed at the results! The PROSIX is easy to put on. Horses seem to enjoy wearing it! The PROSIX encircles your horse connecting him fore to hind and side to side. Look at his ears, his mouth… watch his eyes and expression. Does he look to his right and left sides to check out this new thing? Okay, now walk him out into the arena, round pen, or on a loose lunge line. Let him explore and pick his pace. Watch him think about all the new sensations. His head will lower as he rounds through his topline. Watch him pick up his hind feet, no longer passive and following along (this is the improved proprioception).

As the horse holds himself more upright, watch for any lameness or imbalance, asymmetry that you couldn’t detect before as he stops trying to compensate for right, left, fore or hind weaknesses, discomfort or pain. Observe that tail position, is it right, left or center, high or low? Watch him drop his hindquarters, bring his hind legs under himself, and tuck into a better posture with his belly lifted and his back “rounded”. If your horse is usually heavy on the forehand, watch him shift his weight as he begins to engage the hindquarters for better balance.