• Jill and Lynda, creators of the PROSIX.



How long should my training sessions with the PROSIX be? How often should my horse wear it?

Answer: Each “training session” should be adapted to the individual horse. You can add the PROSIX to any training routine for enhanced workouts. Considerations include age, health, level of conditioning, history of injuries or weak areas, and any other issues pertinent to training or reconditioning. Observe your horse carefully during lunging or ground work. Your horse will fatigue more quickly with the added resistance of the elastic bands. Start slowly and build time and speed slowly for optimal safety. A fatigued horse is more prone to injury. Please end the workout and cool properly when your horse shows signs of fatigue.

Can I use the PROSIX on more than one horse?

Answer: Yes! With 5 areas of adjustment it is easy to fit to most average size riding horses from 14 hands to 17 hands. A tall horse with a larger frame may need a larger size

How can I tell if I have the PROSIX adjusted for the right amount of tension?

Answer: Does the PROSIX stay in place with the horse’s movement? Does the mid-body strap at the butt stay in place or drop (too loose). When you pull on any of the bands, is there give without effort on your part? Can you fit your hand easily underneath the wrap? Is there room for a couple finger widths under any band? Note: The PROSIX is made of wide straps of ventilated, knitted, non-latex elastic for optimal comfort. If you observe rubbing or loss of hair under the strap across the butt, you must readjust the strap on either side of the hind quarters; it may be too loose (rubbing) or too tight (hair loss).

If my horse looks lame when she wears the PROSIX, why haven’t I noticed the lameness before?

Answer: A horse is a prey animal who uses flight as defense. To show weakness or vulnerability is to announce to a predator that it might be slower than the other guy and be the easiest choice for dinner. A horse will compensate by carrying more weight on the opposing limbs away from the injury, weakness or pain. When wearing the PROSIX, the horse is encouraged into good posture with equal weight carried bilaterally (both sides) and to engage hindquarters. This good posture makes compensation efforts obvious and previously undetected lameness or weakness becomes more apparent. The PROSIX is a beneficial diagnostic tool for professionals and owners!