• Jill and Lynda, creators of the PROSIX.

Things to Consider When Introducing Your Horse to the PROSIX:

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We feel the first step toward fitting your new PROSIX should be desensitizing the horse who will be wearing it.  This product will go over the horse’s head and around the butt.  The hook-and-loop fasteners (that V word that fastens kids shoes…the one we can’t say her) make noise when pulled open, which some horses may be sensitive to.  It may be helpful to have another person to assist you with holding the horse for the first couple applications.  Note:  While we have never had a horse object to the PROSIX or its placement, we believe you should always proceed slowly when introducing new things to a horse and exercise due caution.

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Check the frequently asked questions for additional information about Fitting the PROSIX and caring for it.




 How to put the PROSIX on:

Rock It and Fitting Pictures 0071. Remove the PROSIX from the tote bag. Unroll the PROSIX. Do not remove clips from straps yet. The PROSIX is delivered to you with all 3 straps attached to the largest, mid-body strap. The straps are folded and clipped in place for easy storing and for easy placement on the horse.

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2. Locate our blue logo patch on the largest, mid-body strap. This is the front/center. It will go in the front of the horse. Next, locate the metal loops and wide straps on either side of the mid-body toward the rear. Open the straps by unfastening the hook-and-eye fasteners so that there is the least amount of tension on the hindquarters when placed.


3. Holding the PROSIX as you would a closed front horse blanket, lift the PROSIX over the horse’s head and settle onto the withers.

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4. Position  the remaining length of the PROSIX over the back and remove clips used when storing straps.  (We recommend putting the clips into bag for easy location later.)


5. Slide the mid-body strap down and over the rear of the horse. Note: Use caution here, stand to the side of the horse’s hip. Allow the horse to get used to the strap before lifting the tail out and over it. The mid-body strap should be a horizontal line, around the horse from front to back. The front should be below the junction of the neck and body. The rear of the band should fit across the point of the buttock, under the tail.


Adjusting the straps:


1. The wither strap can be removed completely; it attaches at both sides of the horse with wide areas of vel…, I mean hook-and-eye fastener material. The wither strap should be placed in front of (toward the head) and not directly on, the highest point of the wither.


2. The hip strap can also be removed completely, also attaches at both sides with that fastening material. The hip strap should be placed in front of the hips (toward the head) before the rise of the butt.

3. The abdominal or “belly strap” is fixed or sewn in place, on the left side of the horse. It goes over the top of the back, and comes around under the belly and attaches to the fastener material on the left side again. This strap should be placed where the lower belly begins to go up toward the groin.  This strap also has an adjustment area on the off or right side.

When you step back and observe the PROSIX on the horse, the mid-body or largest strap should be a straight horizontal line, from the front to the back of the horse. The wither strap, abdominal strap, and hip strap should all be straight vertical lines, perpendicular to the mid-body strap.


How to Adjust the Tension:


The mid-body strap should be snug but never tight. You should be able to get 2-finger widths easily between the horse and the PROSIX, or be able to slide your hand underneath the wrap easily at any point. It should be easy to pull the straps away from the horse several inches.

The wither and hip straps are there to correct placement and gentle pressure but never tension.
The abdominal or belly strap should be snug, as the mid-body strap is snug. If it is too loose, it will move or rub and you will not achieve the “lift effect” desired. If it is too tight it may uncomfortable for your horse. Again, you should be able to easily pull this strap away from the belly. Note: Don’t snap the bands to test tension!! Pull and return band gently.


How to Remove the PROSIX:

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1. Simply undo the abdominal band and fold and clip together the folded strap. Lift the mid-body strap off the hind quarters and fold and clip the hip strap. Fold and clip the wither strap. Collect the mid-body strap as you lift it toward and then over the horse’s head.

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2. Roll your PROSIX and store in its tote. Your PROSIX is ready for your next use on this horse; the only adjustment next time will be the abdominal band!