• Jill and Lynda, creators of the PROSIX.


  • Improves proprioception for improved agility.
  • Improves balance and weight distribution.
  • Improves posture.
  • Creates a stronger core with focus on abdominal support for a stronger back and rounded topline.
  • Decreases nervousness, distraction, spooking and avoidance behaviors; this improves focus, and makes learning easier.
  • Improves gaits; including length of stride when desired, better collection, better rhythm. Improved transition of gaits when with improved balance and weight distribution.
  • Improves postural impairments, asymmetrical development.
  • Resistance bands increase the work of muscles, add intensity to the workout, increases the effectiveness of the workout with less time, less repetition needed.
  • Workout is low-impact at a walk; gentle, supportive and effective so that reconditioning and rehabilitation can start sooner.



PROSIX…the GIFT You Give Your Horse!

Important note: Because the PROSIX never restricts movements or forces your horse into position, there is no “rebound effect” as observed with other training devices. A device that forces and fixes a horse’s head down, for example, may result in a horse that carries his head higher when the restrictive device is removed having developed opposing muscle during resistance to the device. The PROSIX does not create dependence wherein the horse leans into, braces, or depends on the product for straightness, posture, etc. but instead creates muscle and strength to continue in good frame and movement.